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During these stressful times, supporting our local and small shops can make a massive, positive impact on makers' personal and family lives.  

Today we're so excited to be feature Lanyard Lovebirds. They are super talented local makers who's creations are simply beautiful! (be sure to check out their Instagram page!). 

Maddie and Courtney here! We are the creators of Lanyard Lovebirds, and we are having just a little too much fun starting this business together and making lanyards and keychains for teachers, nurses, friends, well, anyone who likes to accessorize!

Crazy enough, we have been best friends for 15+ years and landed the most perfect opportunity to teach third grade together at the same school! We are each others’ biggest fan and biggest critic, in the best way. We are the loud and crazy type of teachers that are always up for anything! So, it makes perfect sense that we would start a business out of nowhere!

We are actually Catholic school teachers, and it is certainly no secret that we basically get paid just above the poverty line. Kidding! But not really… So we have both have been trying to figure out what in the world we were going to do on the side to you know, “make ends meet” as people may say. Many teachers paint and do creative things on the side, but if either of us tried to paint something, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t even want to put it in your toddler’s room. So, in came lanyards! We saw them and thought, “We can do that!” We started with wanting to just make pretty, fancy lanyards for ourselves, then it grew to wanting to make them for our teacher friends, and before we knew it, we had an Etsy shop open with 90+ sales and a house tumbling over with silicone beads.

Every single lanyard we create comes with a lot of heart! We sit there for hours “duking it out” about which colors should go together, which order they should go in, what our customers want, and best of all, what the collection should be called! If only we released all of our “drafts” of the names we come up with before we finally feel good about one! We started with just lanyards, but now we have added keychains to our repertoire and our most recent adventure is making the O keychains that go around your wrist…what we will do next, you can never be sure.

Stay tuned and follow us @lanyardlovebirds! We would love to make something pretty just for you!

Maddie & Courtney

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  • Love this! And of course I love these two girls and their products!

    Amy Deboisblanc

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