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Bella's Bead Supply Blog

Bella's Bead Supply Blog - Bella’s Bead Supply

Hello friends,

We are ecstatic that you are here with us. 

Our company was stablished the end of 2020. The past few months have been full of highs and lows as we have grown from a box full of beads and dreams into a one-room business in our basement. We have done that all while packing your beautiful colored beads! 

I have learned a lot about decision making and I have been blessed in many ways. Sometimes stepping away for a moment and looking at things from a different perspective have helped me see the bigger picture and it has allowed me to stay focus on why I started. I am not going to lie, but sometimes it has been hard. 

As a woman entrepreneur running a growing business, I could not be more proud of a community centered on support. Our business dreams become reality through the unique crafts you create.

You make art with our supplies!!! 

Our new blog  has been in the works for a couple of months, because we want our blog to feel like home to you. It's a place of community, sharing and learning... where together we can enjoy beauty and be inspired. 

As a business, our goal has always been to provide excellent customer service, shopping experience and the best products. We want to share ideas for projects, inspiration for business and stories that motive. 

 Through our blog we will be sharing stories of small businesses and their how they built their business through highs and lows, and with these stories we look forward to inspire you, motivate you and share ideas on how you can be successful.

 We hope you enjoy our blog and find motivation to keep on.



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